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We build conversations that…

Engage your clients



Automated Chat Conversations for Car Dealers.

The process is very simple, you’ll just need a Facebook page for your dealership or business. This is automotive industry specific.

There are lots of customers in your area on Facebook. We want to engage those customers in conversation, and deliver qualified leads to your team.

  • On site 24/7 Messenger

  • Sales Lead Generation (Test Drives, Service Requests, and Credit applications)

  • Automated Text Messaging

  • Customizable Website widgets

  • And More…


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Get qualified leads.

Get your inventory on Facebook Marketplace, every hour

Get the Facebook Inventory tab on your dealerships Facebook Page

Why Choose DaaS?

Easy to Use
Your clients have Facebook Messenger and are familiar.
Don’t Miss Leads!
All of the information, in a single thread, that is never lost.
Your Chatbot is always available, 24/7. You and your inventory generating leads, around the clock.
Easy to maintain, we do all of it.

This is a proven sales funnel for your BDC, Service, and Sales Team

Integrates seamlessly to with your current software including: vAuto,, and your DMS


Our Promise

We offer a level of customer service that exceeds the big dealer vendors, and gain an understanding for your specific dealership. We will tailor our services to your already running systems and processes. Our only objective is to sell more cars at your dealership and create and outstanding ROI